Raid: Shadow Legends Wiki

Artifacts in Raid: Shadow Legends have different set bonuses for equipping groups of them to champions. All artifacts range from 1 to 6 stars.

Artifact Sets

Set Items


Bonus Campaign Dungeon
Life_setLife 2 HP +15% Kaerok Castle Ice Golem's Peak
Offense_setOffense 2 ATK +15% Sewers of Arnoc Ice Golem's Peak
Defense_setDefense 2 DEF +15% Catacombs of Narbuk Ice Golem's Peak
Crit Rate-setCritical Rate 2 C. RATE +15% Durham Forest Ice Golem's Peak
Accuracy_setAccuracy 2 ACC +40 Felwin's Gate Dragon's Lair
Speed_setSpeed 2 SPD 12% Palace of Aravia Dragon's Lair
Resistance_setResistance 2 RESIST +40 Tilshire Ice Golem's Peak
Life_Steal_setLifesteal 4 Heals by 30% of damage dealt Valdemar Strait Dragon's Lair
Destroy_setDestroy 4 Decreases enemy MAX HP by 30% of damage dealt The Deadlands Dragon's Lair
Toxic_setToxic 4 75% chance to place 2.5% Poison debuff Dragon's Lair
Retaliation_setRetaliation 4 35% chance to Counterattack when hit Godfrey's Crossing Ice Golem's Peak
Fury_setFury 4 Damage increases as HP decreases Hallowed Halls Fire Knight's Castle
Curing_setCuring 4 20% bonus heal Brimstone Path Fire Knight's Castle
Immunity_setImmunity 4 Immunity for 2 turns Fire Knight's Castle
Shield_setShield 4 +30% HP Ally shield for 3 turns Fire Knight's Castle
Crit_Damage_setCrit Damage 2 C. DMG +20% Fire Knight's Castle
Reflex_setReflex 4 40% to reduce random Skill cooldown Ice Golem's Peak
Cursed_setCursed 4 50% chance to place 50%Heal Reduction debuff Ice Golem's Peak
Frost_setFrost 4 20% chance place Freeze debuff on attacker Dragon's Lair
Daze_setDaze 4 25% chance to place Sleep debuff Dragon's Lair
Avenging_setAvenging 4 45% chance to Counterattack when hit with a critical hit Dragon's Lair
Stalwart_setStalwart 4 -30% Damage taken from enemy AoE attacks Dragon's Lair
Frenzy_setFrenzy 4 +10% Turn Meter for every 5% HP lost Fire Knight's Castle
Regeneration_setRegeneration 4 Heals by 15% every turn Fire Knight's Castle
Stun_setStun 4 18% chance to place Stun debuff Fire Knight's Castle
Relentless_setRelentless 4 18% chance to get Extra Turn Tournament rewards
Taunting_setTaunting 4 30% chance to place Provoke debuff Ice Golem's Peak
Savage_setSavage 4 Ignores 25% of enemy DEF Fire Knight's Castle
Cruel_setCruel 2 ATK +15%. Ignores 5% of enemy DEF Clan Boss reward box
Immortal_setImmortal 2 HP +15%. Heals by 3% every turn Clan Boss reward box
Divine Offense setDivine Offense 2 ATK +15%. 15% HP Self Shield for 3 turns. Clan Boss reward box
Divine Crit Rate_setDivine Critical Rate 2 C. Rate 12%. 15% HP Self Shield for 3 turns. Classic Arena rank reward box
Divine Life_setDivine Life 2 HP 15%. 15% HP Self Shield for 3 turns. Classic Arena rank reward box
Divine Speed_setDivine Speed 2 SPD 12%. 15% HP Self Shield for 3 turns. Classic Arena rank reward box
Swift Parry setSwift Parry 4 SPD +18%. C.DMG +30%. 50% chance of Unkillable when hit with a fatal hit. Crafted at the Forge
Deflection_setDeflection 4 HP +20%. Def +20%. 25% chance to deflect 1 debuff onto the attacker when a debuff is placed on the wearer. Crafted at the Forge
Resilience_setResilience 2 HP +10%. DEF +10%. Crafted at the Forge
Perception_setPerception 2 ACC +40%. SPD +5%. Crafted at the Forge
Affinitybreaker setAffinitybreaker 4 C.DMG +30%. 20% chance to change weak hit into critical hit. Crafted at the Forge
Untouchable setUntouchable 4 Immunity for 2 turns. RESIST +40 Crafted at the Forge
Fatal setFatal 2 ATK +15%. C.RATE +5% Crafted at the Forge
Frostbite setFrostbite 2 15% chance to block Freeze debuffs. 10% chance to place Freeze debuff on attacker. Crafted at the Forge
Bloodthirst setBloodthirst 4 C.RATE +12%. Heal by 30% of damage dealt. Crafted at the Forge
Guardian setGuardian 4 Wearer absorbs 10% of all damage dealt to ally Champions. Heals by 10% every turn. Crafted at the Forge