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Raid: Shadow Legends Wiki


Ally Protection The Caster Champion takes 25/50% of direct damage inflicted upon the Target Champion. Self-inflicted damage and Poison do not trigger this effect. Each Champion uses their respective DEF values for mitigating


Block Damage Makes the Champion immune to all forms of damage.
Block Debuffs While this buff is active, the Champion is immune to all debuffs. Instant negative effect such as Decrease Turn Meter are not affected and work as normal.
Continuous Heal Heals the target Champion by 7,5/15% of their MAX HP at the beginning of their Turn.
Counterattack When attacked, the Champion with this buff strikes back at their attacker using their Default Skill. This attack deals 75% of the normal

Default Skill damage. Can only counterattack once when attacked with a Multi-hit Skill. Does not counterattack in response to the enemy’s own counterattack. Does not count as a Turn.

Increase ATK Increases the Champion’s Battle ATK (current ATK value, all other effects taken into account) by 25/50%
Increase C.Rate Increases the Champion’s C.RATE by 15/30%
Increase DEF Increases the Champion’s Battle DEF by 30/60%
Increase SPD Increases the Champion’s Battle SPD by 15/30%
Reflect Damage Any Champion attack a target with this buff will sustain 15/30% of the damage they inflicted with the attack.
Revive On Death If a Champion with this buff dies, he or she will immediately be revived with 30% HP and 0% Turn Meter.
Shield The Champion’s HP bar is reinforced for X Turns with a Shield effect. Damage is calculated normally but is first applied to the Shield (unless the attack ignores Shields, which is stated in the Skill description). When the buff expires or Shield value reaches 0, the Shield is removed and further damage applies as normal. Note: damage dealt to the shield does not count as damage dealt to the Champion, so effects such as Lifesteal do not benefit from it.
Unkillable The Champion with this buff cannot fall below 1 HP for the entirety of its duration.