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There are 12 different campaign locations available in 4 difficulties (normal, hard, brutal, nightmare) for a total of 48 locations. Each location is comprised of 7 stages. You have to clear each stage in a location to gain access to the next stage, the final stage to gain access to the first stage of the next location, and all 12 locations of one difficulty to gain access to the first stage of the first location of the next level of difficulty. A 1-star result is sufficient for a stage to be considered cleared.

The 7th stage is the campaign boss stage. At normal difficulty any stage has a cost of 4 energy, except for the boss stage with a cost of 5 energy. At hard difficulty the cost is 6 and 7 energy, respectively. At brutal difficulty the cost is 8 and 9 energy.


For successfully completing a stage you get an amount of experience and silver fixed to that stage. Experience is divided among your participating champions, thus two champions assigned to a stage will gain twice as much experience each as four champions sent. A killed champion will gain as much experience as a surviving one, but if all your champions die, experience and silver rewards are reduced according to the number of opponents killed (and you will get no artifact/champion/shards). Experience and silver rewards get better for each consecutive stage, location and difficulty, except for boss stages which grant lower experience and silver rewards than stages 1-6 at that location and difficulty.

If you would like to see stats for rewards check the following charts:

Campaign Normal Fight * Campaign Hard Fight * Campaign Brutal Fight * Campaign Nightmare Fight

Artifacts * Dungeons

Artifacts per stage:

Stage Artifact type/slot
1 Weapon
2 Helmet
3 Shield
4 Gauntlets
5 Chestplate
6 Boots
7 any, at higher average rarity

Rewards per location:

In addition to experience and silver, you are rewarded with either an artifact, a champion, or mystery shards. Champions available at a location are the same for all difficulties. Artifacts rewarded are 1-3 stars at normal difficulty, 2-4 stars at hard difficulty, and 3-5 stars at brutal difficulty.

Location Artifact




1. Kaerok Castle Life Valerie Valerie

Conquerer Conquerer

Duelist Duelist

Commander Commander

Bandit Bandit

Axeman Axeman

2. Sewers of Arnoc Offense Skullsworn Skullsworn Skinner Skinner

Hardscale Hardscale

Death Hound Death Hound

Troglodyte Troglodyte

3. Catacombs of Narbuk Defense Sorceress Sorceress

Skellag Skellag
Skullsquire Skullsquire
Dhampir Dhampir

4. Durham Forest Critical Rate Spirithost Spirithost

Graybeard Graybeard

Satyr Satyr Ranger Ranger

Magekiller Magekiller

5. Felwin's Gate Accuracy Rocktooth Rocktooth Brute Brute -
6. Palace of Aravia Speed Heiress Heiress

Avenger Avenger

Jaeger Jaeger

Elfguard Elfguard

7. Tilshire Resistance Goremask Goremask Throatcutter Throatcutter

Warchanter Warchanter

Warboy Warboy
8. Valdemar Strait Lifesteal Templar Templar Sharpshooter Sharpshooter

Militia Militia

Yeoman Yeoman
9. The Deadlands Destroy Berserker Berserker

Warmaiden Warmaiden

Spiritwalker Spiritwalker

Outlander Outlander
Shieldguard Shieldguard
Outrider Outrider

10. Godfrey's Crossing Retaliation Muckstalker Muckstalker

Flinger Flinger

Saurus Saurus

Stalker Stalker

11. Hallowed Halls Fury Executioner Executioner Cultist Cultist

Herald Herald
Admonitor Admonitor

12. Brimstone Path Curing Hound Spawn Hound Spawn

Diabolist Diabolist

Incubus Incubus


1* 2* 3* 4* 5*
Green 74.2% 24.4% 1.4%
Blue 91.5% 8% 0.5%
Purple 91.5% 8% 0.5%
Golden 94% 6%