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The following updates are for Raid Shadow Legends Current Version: 4.10:

Version 0.13.3 Updates
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Update 0.13.3

December 20, 2018 Forum Post


Good tidings to ye all!

The Holidays are upon us, and here at Plarium we wanted to bring you a small update before the seasons kicks off. Here’s what you can expect:

19901 .jpg

New Champions

Oh, he’s making a list and he’s checking it twice. He’s gonna find out who’s naughty or nice…

4 New Champions join the fray to spread merriment, joy, and good old-fashioned wrath of Lumaya across Teleria. Meet:

The one and only, Sir Nicholas, whose cold fury turns any villain’s blood to ice in their veins
Sir Nicholas-10-icon.png

The ever-faithful Frostbringer


The mighty Reinbeast


And the merry Jinglehunter


New Bastion skin

To further spread tidings of comfort and joy, we have given our players an option to activate a special Holiday Skin in their Bastion. Do so to decorate it for the upcoming Holidays!


Damage value based on [Enemy MAX HP] dealt by Common, Uncommon, and Rare Champions to Clan Boss has been decreased.

The main reason for this change is to avoid situations when poorly equipped Common, Uncommon, and Rare Champions deal more damage than teams consist of fully upgraded Epic and Legendary Champions. We want to prevent the depreciation of Epic and Legendary Champions in the game, so that's why it was decided to make these tweaks in the game balance.

Sorry for the delay in this announce.

  • Clan Activity details have been added. Tap the Information button in the Members tab to view it
  • Fixed a number of issues causing the game to crash
  • Fixed the issue that caused chat messages about Summons, Ascension and so on to be cut off visually

Update 0.13

December 3, 2018 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Update 0.13 is live now! And the biggest addition is, of course, one that was among the most requested features - Clans! From now on, players can create powerful Clans, battle challenges together, and advance through the ranks of the Clan Rankings to prove their might. And there are plenty of other innovations and changes aimed at bettering your experience in Raid: Shadow Legends. You can find a comprehensive list of changes below:

New Features:
60377 file.jpg

Any player can create a Clan, provided they have reached Level 13 and have 250 Gems on their account. From there on, they can leave the Clan open, meaning that anyone can join after finding it in the Clan search or make an Invite-Only Clan, which is only available via invitations or applications.

The maximum number of people in the Clan is 30. Clan name and Clan Tag are chosen by the Leader during Clan creation and can later be changed. The cost is a 100 Gems each.

Currently, these features are available for Clans:

Clan Boss

Clan Boss is a special Dungeon that is only available to players who are part of a Clan. The Boss of this Dungeon has a massive pool of Health Points, and needs to be brought down by the united efforts of the entire Clan. Whether or not that happens, the Dungeon will be reset at 10:00 UTC each day.

There are 5 Difficulties available, each one must be consecutively unlocked by completing the previous Difficulty. These will remain available to all Clan members and will not be locked again after the Dungeon is reset.

A special type of resource, the Clan Boss Key, will be required to enter this Dungeon. Once used, it will be refreshed in 6 hours or needs to be purchased with Gems in the Shop (Gem Shop tab).

The Demon Lord cannot be defeated by one player in a single battle. Instead, the damage each Player’s Champions have inflicted will count towards the Demon Lord’s overall HP, gradually chipping it down as more and more Clan Members join the fray. In the end, rewards will be given out based on the amount of damage dealt by individual players.

Clan Activity

As the name suggests, this is an indicator of a player’s Activity in the game and the Clan. First, every member of the Clan has to Check In via the Members tab once they log in. There will be an indicator highlighting the tab after each daily reset (10:00 UTC) to remind players of this requirement. This action will earn the player 1 Star.

To earn the second Star, players must:

  • Play for 30 minutes
  • Battle the Clan Boss
  • Fight in the Dungeon or in Campaign Battles 10 times (or a mix of both)
  • Fight in the Arena 6 times

To earn the third Star, players must:

  • Play for 90 minutes  
  • Battle the Clan Boss 2 times
  • Fight in the Dungeon or in Campaign Battles 20 times (or a mix of both)
  • Fight in the Arena 12 times

The game will add Activity Stars earned by individual players to the Clan total 15 minutes after they have been earned. Once the Clan reaches 90 Stars, all Clan members get a Clan Chest with a randomized reward. The Reward Chest must be claimed manually before a new Reward Chest is provided, otherwise, it will be lost.

Clan Achievements

There are a number of challenges that the Clan can beat with joint efforts, each will provide a boost to the Clan’s Ranking Points.

Clan Rankings

Clan Ranking indicates the power of the Clan and their success in tackling different game challenges. Obtaining Clan Achievements earn your Clan Points. These can be viewed in the Rankings tab.

The Clan’s Position in the Rankings is determined primarily by the Clan Points and a measure of the overall Clan Power.

Please note that this is just the first iteration of the Clan feature in the game. As it stands, many other important additions and improvements are in development. Clan Chat is our next top priority.

Player Achievements

Achievements are a new type of player-specific Special Quests that is now available. Unlike Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Quests these Achievements do not have a set timer to complete and will not reset upon completion.

Achievements will vary in the rewards they provide and can be claimed from the Quests tab as soon as conditions have been met.

New Artifact Sets

Two new Artifact Sets (4) have been added to the game!

Cruel set.png


4 Set: ATK +25%. Ignores 10% of enemy DEF

Immortal set.png


4 Set: HP +25%. Heals by 5% every turn

These Sets will be available in the reward Chests that can be looted from the Clan Boss Dungeon.

  • Ally Protection buff fixed, previously the target’s DEF was calculated incorrectly  
  • Stat bonuses that come from unlocking certain Masteries are now displayed in the Champion’s Collection tab
  • Rebalanced the price of selling Accessories, slight decreases to all three Types
  • Upon activating the Scorch ability, a part of Hellrazor’s (Boss of the Dragon’s Lair Dungeon) HP bar will be highlighted to indicate how much damage needs to be inflicted to cancel that Skill
  • Added Primary Stat description to the game
  • Several Challenges had their description expanded to give a better description of what players need to do
  • Numerous minor bugfixes

Update 0.12.2

November 6, 2018 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Now the time has come to roll some new small additions out and give our players new challenges and new ways of strengthening their Champions. You can find a comprehensive list of changes below:

17931 .jpg

New Features:

Champion Rating. This new feature allows you to score your Champions on their performance in different areas as well as learn how other players use these Champions.

You can score the Champions you currently have in your Collection on their performance in several categories:

  • Campaign.
  • Arena Offence.
  • Arena Defense.
  • Void Keep.
  • Force Keep.
  • Magic Keep.
  • Spirit Keep.
  • Ice Golem Dungeon.
  • Dragon's Lair.
  • Fire Golem Dungeon.
  • Minotaur Cave.
  • Spider Dungeon.

The average value of all the players’ scores for each Champion will be shown so other warriors could learn this Champion better.

17932 .png

Artifact Recommendations. Unlike the Champion Rating, the Artifact Recommendations feature is fully based on our Game Designers’ suggestions for each Champion, but not on scores from players. Each Champion gets its own recommended Artifact sets and recommended bonuses which will help to strengthen this Champion.

Potion Mixing. That is what we've been wanting for a long time! Finally, you can fuse several Lesser Potions into Greater Potions, and several Greater potions into Superior ones.

17933 .png

  • Fixed buff/debuff bugs

Fixed Champion Collection scroll bug Fixed Extra Turn limit bug (now counts by Round, not Battle) Fixed Forum links in news Changed the “Cycle of Violence” Mastery (Offense Branch, Tier 4). Previously it counted the damage dealt by a single hit, now it is counted by Skill, including multi-hit Skills.

Important note: The new version of the game contains technologies that are not supported by some Android versions, so we were forced to abandon these versions. Unfortunately, Android versions (4.1.1), (4.1.2), (4.2.1), (4.2.2), (4.3), (4.4.2), (4.4.3), (4.4.4) are no longer supported in the game.

Update 0.11.3

October 17, 2018 Forum Post

  • Greetings from Plarium!

As mentioned in the patch notes for Update 0.11, we had to delay a couple of features in order to test them properly. Now the time has come to roll these new awesome additions out and give our players new challenges and new ways of strengthening their Champions. You can find a comprehensive list of changes below:

New Features:
17073 .jpg

  • Masteries

This new progression system offers you three Mastery Trees, each providing unique bonuses that will be applied to the individual Champion. That is right, you can have two duplicate Champions with completely different Mastery set-ups. In turn, this will allow you to specialize them for different purposes.

The following trees are available:

  • Offense
  • Defense
  • Support

A single Champion can only have Masteries from two Trees at once. In addition, Mastery slots can only be unlocked if they are adjacent to one another, so choose wisely! Take some time to tap on all slots, check out the bonuses, and plan your own unique build.

Upgrading Masteries requires a special resource called “Scrolls”. These Scrolls are further separated into three types: Basic, Advanced, Divine. More potent Mastery upgrades require Divine and Advanced Scrolls.

If you want to test another Masteries build you can Reset a Champion’s Mastery Trees. This can be done for free the first time to allow players some room to experiment, after that you can Reset them again for Gems.

Minotaur’s Labyrinth

No Telerian scholar can claim with absolute certainty what dark rituals or tragedy led to Queen Myra giving birth to a twisted monstrosity that is the Minotaur. But what the legends of old do agree upon, is that she had her offspring imprisoned in the deepest dungeons beneath the palace. There he dwells still, waiting for Champions brave or foolish enough to face him in battle.

This new Dungeon follows a more traditional scheme with 3 Rounds overall, two standard rounds and a Boss at the end. Challenge the savage Myrotaur and gain Mastery Scrolls to upgrade your Champions! Make certain to examine the Minotaur's Skills and choose your strategy wisely, it will not be a simple battle.

Important note: Only Champions that take part in the Battle against the Minotaur are eligible to receive Mastery Scrolls. Only one random Champion from the team will receive Mastery Scrolls at the end of the Battle.

  • Arena Rewards

We have adjusted the rewards that players get for winning Battles in different Tiers of the Arena! Check out the table below to know exactly what you can expect.

17074 .png

As a result, prices for Great Hall upgrades have been increased as well.

Special Quest Requirements

The following changes have been made to the Special (Daily, Weekly, Monthly) Quests:

  • Monthly Quests are no longer reset once per month. Instead, they are reset upon full completion of all Quests in the list
  • “Claim the reward for completing all Daily Quests 25 times” is changed to “Claim the reward for completing all Daily Quests 30 times”
  • “Fight in the Arena 7 times” is changed to “Fight in the Arena 5 times”

Champion Balance

To keep the playing field as even as possible, we’ve decided to buff three of the Champions that players can choose at the start of the game: Galek, Elhain, Kael. The purpose of this is to make them as viable a choice later in the game as Athel.

17075 .png

  • Spider’s Den loot tooltip is now more informative
  • Font size in the Bastion window increased

Update 04.10.2018

October 4, 2018 Forum Post

Hotfix 03.10.2018

October 3, 2018 Forum Post

  • We've made a number of changes to Skavag, the Boss of the Spider's Den. They are as follows:
  • MAX HP Decreased
  • DEF decreased
  • Spiderling Horde no longer costs HP. Consuming Spiderlings has a cooldown of 2 turns
  • Spiderling MAX HP and SPD increased
  • Spiderling ATK decreased
  • Accessories from non-existent Factions no longer drop
  • Lord Champfort Passive Skill [Thorn Sphere] now works properly

Update 0.11

October 10,2018 Forum Post

  • 7 Day Loyalty Program - A New Champion
54726 file.jpg

The Champion that players receive for their first 7 consecutive days in the game has been changed. Instead of Erinyes, they will now have the orcish Emissary join their Collection! This Support Champion buffs and revives her allies, and is certain to be a powerful addition to any Warrior’s team!

Artifact Dungeon Reward Rebalance
Mystery Shard-icon.png

Tired of seeing Mystery Shards drop from your hard-earned Dungeon rewards? We have taken note of player feedback on this matter and rebalanced the loot tables. Mystery Shards now have a significantly lower drop rate, Artifacts have a higher drop rate and are by far the main reward you’ll be seeing from now on. Oh, and your Champions can drink to that too - since there is now a small change to get a random XP Brew as well.

Arena Medal Conversion
54728 file.jpg

The first months of the game demonstrated that as players progress through Arena Tiers, they are often left with a significant number of Arena Medals of a lower Tier (Bronze, being an immediate and current example). As of this update, Great Hall upgrades can be unlocked and improved by combining the medals of different value.

This is entirely optional but removes the issue of leftover Medals that many have accumulated.

Accessories Requirements

Amulets and Banners now require the Champion to have a respective level of Ascension - Rank 5 for the Amulet and Rank 6 for the Banner. Champions that do not fit the criteria, but had these Accessories equipped prior to the change will retain them. However, should you wish to swap either for a new one, make certain to Ascend the Champion appropriately.

Champion Balance

As before, we continue tweaking different Champions based on player feedback and analysis. Take a look at the table below to a comprehensive list of these changes:

54737 file.png
16587 .png
16594 .png

Additionally, we have adjusted the maximum Ascended Stats for the following Champions.

Note: These changes do not affect Base Stats of the Champions, this covers the Ascended Stats at Rank 6.

54729 file.png
54730 file.png
54732 file.png
54733 file.png
54735 file.png
54738 file.png

  • Fixed an issue that led to the game crashing on a number of specific devices
  • Fixed multiple Skill descriptions (mistypes, errors)
  • Fixed a bug causing the Shield debuff to activate at the start of each round, even if the Champion that had the Shield Artifact Set was defeated earlier
  • Fixed a bug that led to Champions with Lifesteal healing themselves for the % of the overall damage the deal. From now on, surplus damage is not *calculated - if the target has 1000 HP and the Champion with a 30% Lifesteal deals 10000 points of damage, they will be healed for 300 HP, not 3000.
  • Fixed the issue causing playtime rewards to reset when playing on several devices
  • Fixed numerous other minor and Champion-specific bugs

Hotfix 5.09.2018

September 5, 2018 Forum Post

  • Reaching a new Level will now grant 5 Gems
  • Reaching Level 15 now grants 20 Gems
  • Reaching Level 45 now grants 100 Gems
  • Gaining 30 Stars in the Campaign on Normal now grants 20 Gems
  • Gaining 75 Stars in the Campaign on Normal now grants 20 Gems
  • Gaining 30 Stars in the Campaign on Hard now grants 25 Gems
  • Gaining 30 Stars in the Campaign on Brutal now grants 25 Gems
  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't correctly update the number of Stars earned towards Campaign Rewards.
  • Fixed a bug where your current progress wouldn’t be correctly displayed for Playtime Rewards.
  • Changed the rate of generation of Arena Tokens. You will now receive 1 Arena token every hour.
  • Fixed the Ascension cost for the following Champion: Faceless One.
  • Moved the Information (i) button for Campaign Rewards to the bottom of the Campaign map. The button now functions as intended.
  • Changed the color of the Shield pop-up text in battles to match the color of the Shield itself.
  • Updated and fixed the Shield buff animations.
  • Fixed problems with the Arena camera.
  • Fixed bugs with Hellrazor's animations (Dragon's Lair Dungeon).
  • Fixed bugs with Fyro's animations (Fire Knight's Castle).
  • Fixed bugs with Klyssus' animations (Ice Golem's Peak).
  • Fixed the "Update" button in the prompt shown when a new version is available. Tapping the button should take you directly to the game in your app store.
  • Fixed the Offer icon in the main Bastion window (on the right-hand side of the screen). The button now takes you directly to the relevant offer.
  • Fixed an error where limited-time or limited-purchase offers were being shown as available after the time or purchase limits were hit.
  • Fixed common sign-in errors.
  • Fixed the Arena Rankings. There was a bug with the previous Ranking Period where the Rankings weren't successfully frozen at the end of the week - and as such, no rewards were given. This should function as intended from now on.

Note: Don't worry - we will backdate the Rewards from last week's Arena Rankings. Nobody will miss out.

Update 31.08.2018

August 31, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings, Warriors.

We have introduced a balance patch today. The changes are covered at length in the notes below, as well as the reasons for those changes.

  • Fixed an issue causing the game client to freeze when loading Battles under certain conditions.

Update 0.10

August 28, 2018 Forum Post

  • New Arena Stage. We've added an awesome new Arena location for players who reach the Silver Tier. Check it out for yourself!
  • Arena Result Interface. Now it shows more information and details in the result pop-up.
  • Arena Tokens Distribution. We've increased the rate of Arena token distribution, so you can have more Arena battles every day.
  • Arena Battle Log. The Battle Log now records your Arena Attack and Arena Defense battles separately.
  • Manual Arena Battles. Arena battles will now always start in Manual mode, not Auto.
  • Shield Damage. We now display the actual damage dealt to a [Shield] buff during battle, as well as a visual effect to show that the shield is being hit. Previously it looked as if no damage was being done.
  • Saved Recently Used Teams. We now keep your mostly recently used teams to save time when returning to a Dungeon or Campaign stage. These are saved individually for each Keep and Dungeon, and for each region on the Campaign Map.
  • Chat Feature Overhaul. We've changed up how the chat system works. Among many other changes, the chat window will now load and record recent chat history properly, and won't close on Battle result screens.
  • Potion Dungeon Drop Info. Each Keep now displays full Potion drop information.
  • Android users can choose between 30 FPS and 60 FPS frame rate limit
  • Crash Fixes. We've fixed the causes for occasional crashes on iOS. Random crashes at the end of battles are fixed now.
  • New UI Buttons. We've UI buttons for Champion Index and Playtime Rewards for easy access.  
  • Numerous bug fixes.
  • Another Champion of the Sacred Order, the enigmatic Cardinal, joins the fray! We will make a spotlight for her in the coming days.

Update 23.08.2018

August 23, 2018 Forum Post

Hotfix 26.07.2018

July 26, 2018 Forum Post

  • Reaching Level 15 now grants 50 Gems;  
  • Reaching Level 25 now grants 50,000 Silver;  
  • Reaching Level 30 now grants 50 Gems;  
  • Reaching Level 40 now Grants 1 Rare Skill Tome;  
  • Reaching Level 45 now grants 50 Gems;  
  • Reaching Level 50 now grants 1 Rare Skill Tome;  
  • Reaching Level 60 now grants 1 Sacred Shard;
  • Fixed incorrect points distribution for PvP Arena when the player Team is defeated.