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The following updates are for Raid Shadow Legends Current Version: 4.10:

Version 1.12 Updates
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December 2, 2019 - Passive Reflect Damage Skill Rework


Hello guys! There is one important point that we missed in our patch notes because of a simple oversight and do apologize for that.

The passive reflect damage Skills used to replenish champs' HP if they were equipped with the Lifesteal set. However, the damage yielded by the champs with the Lifesteal set was not intended to be influenced by the Skill initially (the same goes for Reflect Damage buff), thus, we fixed it for the passive Skills. Basically, now the reflect damage Skills and the damage that they produce work the same way as the corresponding buff does.

Update 1.12

November 25,2019 Forum Post


Greetings, Raiders!

The Great Forges of Teleria are never truly still, and work continues ceaselessly within - even if all you see for a while is a lot of smoke! But as we are still tweaking and adjusting some of the major additions to the game, there is a slew of long-requested smaller features, Champion balance, and miscellaneous changes that have been requested for a while.

Take a look at the full list of changes below and find out what we have in store! lefy

New Features:

Arena Platinum Tier

The time has come for Teleria’s mightiest warriors to meet in battle once more. This time, the bravest, most skilled fighters will prove their worth and join an elite Platinum Tier of the Arena, which will only have a limited number of slots! Let us explain how that works.

The Platinum Tier has 300 positions - no more, no less - as of Update 1.12 (though that might change in the future, we are going to observe how players perform). Once Arena Points reset, the first player to go over 3200 Arena Points will earn their place in the Platinum Tier, then the second player, and so on until all 300 slots are filled.

After that happens and the next player (let us call them Player A) goes over 3200 Arena Points, the game will compare their final score against that of the player currently holding the last position in the Platinum Tier (they will be Player B). If Player A’s overall score is lower than or equal to Player B’s, nothing happens and they remain in Gold IV. But, should it exceed Player B’s overall score, that player will be expelled back into Gold IV and Player A will take their place.

When Arena Points reset, all players return to Gold IV with 2900 Arena Points as usual.

Needless to say, Platinum Tier offers greater rewards, so the effort will be worth it!

New Campaign Difficulty

You heard that right! Nightmare Campaign Difficulty is now available to all players who have completed the Campaign on Brutal. It will challenge your Champions like never before, but the rewards that can be won are also greater!

And we are not talking about experience and Silver alone. As with previous Difficulties, Nightmare Campaign comes with a brand new and untouched Campaign Stars pool, meaning that completing it for the first time will provide some awesome one-time rewards if you can earn enough Stars!


Faction Wars Rebalance

As always, we have kept a close eye on player feedback ever since Faction Wars were released. And one of the most frequently cited issues with this feature has been its high difficulty. As such, we went ahead and rebalanced some of the Stages to make them more manageable. Mind you, this is not going to turn into a walk in the park, but strong teams should have an easier time pushing further into their respective Crypts!

In addition, we’ve removed Rank 1 Glyphs from Stage 10 and 11 rewards, ensuring you get Rank 2s at the very least starting from that point.

We will keep an eye on how different players perform with these changes to make sure it is all working as intended. You are welcome and encouraged to provide feedback after you’ve had a go at Faction Wars once again!

Champion Balance

39400 .jpg

Mastery Scrolls Purchase For Gems

As of Update 1.12, it will be possible to max out Mastery Scrolls for a chosen Champion at the cost of 800 Gems. The price does not change no matter how many Scrolls the Champion has at the time of the purchase. This can be done at any point (unless the Champion’s Scrolls are already maxed out, then the purchase is not available), but keep in mind that the Champion will still need to reach Rank 6 to use the highest tier Mastery.

  • Additional 100 slots have been added to the Champion Storage and can be unlocked with Silver or Gems
  • Pre-Battle selection menu now allows using Champions who are currently in the Champion Storage (they will be removed from Storage and require free slots in the Tavern)
  • A confirmation pop-up has been added to the Inventory, ensuring Artifacts won’t be destroyed without  the player being absolutely certain
  • A Server Maintenance Alert Window has been added
  • Artifact Inventory has undergone thorough optimization, and an additional 200 slots have been added
  • Fusion now allows the use of Champions of higher Rank than is specifically required (you can use Rank 5 Champion even if Fusion requires them to be Rank 4)
  • Players who manage to take top places on the Tournament Global Leaderboards will receive additional rewards now!
  • Multi-Battle will no longer remove Max Level Champions that are selected for the Team before the Battle starts (to allow players without a single powerful farmer an easier time using this feature)
  • Tavern UI improvements.
  • The Battle Engine has been optimized and improved, a number of issues causing the game to crash were fixed
  • A number of Champions and Bosses had their AI improved
  • Multiple minor bugs fixed

Update 1.11

September 3, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Teleria is on the brink of war. The ruins of an ancient civilization have been discovered recently, and hoards upon hoards of powerful Glyphs fill the crypts and dungeons that lie beneath the crumbling temples. These Glyphs are attuned to magical arms and armour, capable of enhancing their specific attributes.

The major factions of Teleria cannot let such a valuable commodity go to waste and set out to lay claim to the ruined city. Rally your Champions and join the Faction Wars!

Apart from that, Update 1.11 introduces several QoL upgrades and a new debuff that shall fill the hearts of your enemies with dread! Read the notes below to find out more:

29512 .jpg

New Features:

Faction Wars

Faction Wars is a new game mode, accessible by players of Level 6 and above. A new battle map with 12 Crypts is made available to you - a single Crypt for each major Faction. However, the number of Crypts may increase in the future as more Factions appear in RAID: Shadow Legends. Each Crypt consists of 21 Stages, and every Stage has 3 Rounds - much like the Campaign Battles you’ve seen before.

A Faction Wars cycle lasts 6 days, and certain Crypts are only available on certain days. The order of availability is automatically drawn up at the beginning of each cycle and it is not set in stone, unlike Affinity Keeps.

Currently, Crypts are opened in pairs. Note that no Crypt can be open for two days in a row, so whatever Crypts were available on the last day of the Faction Wars cycle will not be selected for the first day of the next cycle.

Crypt Keys are required to fight Faction Wars battles, and it’s important to remember that every Crypt Key can only be used to access a corresponding Crypt (Banner Lords Crypt Key for the Banner Lords Crypt). Each player gets 12 keys per available Crypt at the start of the day and cannot go above the limit. These keys are automatically refreshed when the Crypt closes, so no matter how many keys you’ve spent, you will always have 12 on the day that specific Crypt is available again. Note! Keys are not burned if you lose the Battle, they are only spent when you win.

In addition to normal loot, you can earn Stars for completing Stages and meeting certain conditions (much like you do in the Campaign). The requirements are as follows:

  • 1 Star. Stage completed
  • 2 Stars. At least 3 Champions took part in the Battle and survived
  • 3 Stars. 5 Champions took part in the Battle and survived
  • Collecting a certain number of Stars allows you to access awesome one-time rewards!


Glyphs are powerful new items that can be used to enhance a specific Substat of Artifacts and Accessories. They can be obtained by beating Crypt stages in the Faction Wars. To do so, you need to select the desired Artifact and go to the Enchantment tab. From there, you can select an appropriate Glyph and proceed to Enchant your Artifact. The Glyph must fit the following conditions:

  • There is a Substat on the Artifact/Accessory that can be Upgraded by the Corresponding Glyph (HP% Glyph for HP% Substant, SPD Glyph for SPD Substat, etc.)
  • The Glyph’s Rank is equal to or lower than that of the Artifact/Accessory (Rank 6 Glyphs cannot be used on Rank 4 Artifacts)
  • The existing Substat bonus is lesser than the maximum value obtainable via Enchantment

Each Glyph has a certain Upgrade range. For example, an ACC Glyph may enchant your Artifact and add a random bonus between 10 and 15 to its ACC Substat. The Glyph is lost upon a successful Upgrade, though if the value of the bonus did not reach the possible maximum, you can use another Glyph to attempt the same upgrade.

For example, if the first Glyph gave you a bonus of 11 ACC, you can use another Glyph of the same Rank again. If you are lucky and the next bonus is greater than 11, the Artifact will be enchanted once more and the corresponding Substat increased.

There is no limit on Enchantment attempts, as long as you have the required Glyphs and Silver.

Fear and True Fear Debuffs

Some Champions can conjure primal terror in the hearts of their foes, be it through magic or simply being too horrific to look upon (or frighteningly righteous!). If a Fear debuff is successfully applied, it has the following effects:

Fear. When a Champion with this Debuff attempts to use a Skill, there is a 50% chance that the Skill will not activate and the Champion will lose their turn

True Fear. When a Champion with this Debuff attempts to use a Skill, there is a 50% chance that the Skill will not activate and the Champion will lose their turn. The Skill that they tried to use goes on cooldown

Interface changes

We have made several important adjustments to the Artifact Inventory in an effort to simplify and make it more convenient for our players.

You access it from your Champion Collection, by selecting any Champion and tapping on an Artifact or Accessory slot. From now on, you will have the option to view Artifacts, Accessories, and Glyphs, no matter which slot you’ve tapped - simply select the desired icon.

New Artifacts can be viewed by tapping the “New” button. It will remain selected and only Artifacts, Accessories, and Glyphs, that have not been viewed yet will be displayed.

29514 .png

By tapping the “Sell” button, you are entering the Artifact Selling menu. From here, you can sell any Artifacts/Accessories/Glyphs you wish. “Sell” can be coupled with “New” for ease of navigation, in case you only wish to sell things that you’ve recently acquired.

29515 1.png

Upgrading an Artifact is also slightly different now. Rather than have 10 attempts of upgrading to the next level, you have a choice between a single attempt or having the game run these attempts until a successful upgrade (you can stop it manually).

By tapping on the Gear icon, you can also choose to upgrade the chosen Artifact/Accessory to one of the Milestone levels (4, 8, 12, 16). By doing so, you let the game run Upgrade attempts until the Artifact either reaches the desired level, or you run out of Silver.

29516 .png
29519 .png

The second tab of the Artifact Upgrade menu is Enchant (see Glyphs), where you can use available Glyph to upgrade the Substats of your Artifacts or Accessories.

29520 .png

  • Game Update Reward has been adjusted. You now get an Arena Token Refill rather than just 3 Arena Tokens
  • Significantly increased the damage dealt by Seer’s [Karma Burn] Skill
  • Some Champions now have Auras that boost their Allies in the Faction War Battles
  • Faction Filter has been added to the Champion collection and the Tavern
  • Fixed a bug with the Multi-Battle algorithm that prevented Artifacts from being sold, even if they fell under selected requirements
  • Fixed several bugs that affected the Arena Battle Log
  • Fixed the bug that prevented Event rewards from being claimed if the player hit the required milestone precisely (for example, earned 1000 points out of 1000)
  • Fixed Masteries that incorrectly affected Artifact-applied debuffs
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Skullcrown’s Resilient Skill from triggering when she sustained Reflected Damage
  • Numerous minor bugs

Update 1.10

August 8, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

The peal of hammers striking white-hot metal rolls through the ancient halls beneath the Mountains of Despair. Armoured boots thud across tunnels and mountain passes that have lain forgotten and untravelled for centuries. With banners unfurled, Dwarven Champions set out from their underground kingdom in force, prepared to lend their might to the people of Teleria and take vengeance against Siroth.

The terrifying Demon Lord rises from his hellish pit once more, stronger than ever before - but so too the rewards for sending him back into that fiery lake have become even greater.

And by the grace of Lumaya, many of the old Champions had their powers increased. Read the notes below to learn more about that and other changes that you can look forward to in this update!

27548 .jpg

New Features:

New Buffs: Veil and Perfect Veil Note: Champions with this ability will become available later

Crafted by the wise and powerful mages, the spell of the Veil takes many forms and applications. But its purpose remains unchanged - it hides the Champion from the eyes of his or her foes, allowing for a perfect strike to be delivered when the time is right.

This buff has two tiers: Veil and Perfect Veil. The Champion under either of these buffs cannot be chosen as a target of an enemy Champion’s Skill. Note: if all remaining Champions on your team have an active Veil or Perfect Veil effect, the enemy will no longer be restricted in choosing a target. In the case of basic Veil, the effect will be immediately lifted if the Champion uses a Skill that deals damage. With the exception of:

  • Damage inflicted by the Skill that applies Veil (if applicable),
  • Passive damage
  • Damage that “Does not count as a hit”

At the same time, [Perfect Veil] is not affected, no matter what Skills the Champion uses. Thus it allows them to strike with impunity for as long as the buff remains active - or they have a wall of allies to hide behind.

New Clan Boss Difficulty

Taught a humbling and painful lesson by his previous defeats (and having learned that the Champions of Teleria now have access to awesome Rank 6 Artifacts), the Demon Lord returns far stronger and tougher than he was.

A whole new Difficult is available to veteran players now, and it brings new awesome rewards. Keep in mind, the balance of previous Clan Boss chests has been adjusted to accommodate for this change.

New Tournaments

Several new Dungeon Tournaments are planned to launch in the coming weeks as part of the regular line up. Heed the words of the Heralds and be ready to prove the strength of your Champions to all of Teleria!

Champion Balance

27551 .png
27554 .png
27553 .png
27555 .png
27556 .png
27557 .png
27564 .png
27559 .png

  • Void Shard Summoning Chances have been adjusted and brought up to match those of the Ancient Shard
  • Minor changes to the Artifact Upgrade Events will be implemented to streamline the process and make it more convenient
  • An option to delete an equipped Artifact has been added. The Artifact is lost, but removing it costs no Silver
  • An option to open a specific Affinity Keep for 24 hours has been added. It costs 200 Gems for Magic, Spirit, and Force Keeps. And 300 Gems for the Void Keep
  • Adjusted the Multi-Battle Champion queue to make it more convenient for the players
  • Artifact Drops adjusted, High-Rank Legendary Artifacts are far more likely to drop from later Stages in the Dungeons (while Rare Artifacts drop rate has been decreased for those Stages). Earlier Stages have a decreased drop rate for High-Rank Legendary Artifacts
  • Shaman, Jizoh, High Khatun, Yagga the Insatiable, and Dark Athel have been removed from the Sacred Shard Summons
  • Fixed the error that appeared when attempting to sell an Artifact that was just taken from the Inbox
  • Fixed the error that appeared when attempting to link a Plarium ID of an already existing account to a new account
  • Fixed Hakkorhn Smashlord’s [Blood Offering] Skill, self-damage is no longer mitigated by the Champion’s DEF
  • Fixed Zavia’s [Deadly Catalyst] Skill, it applies Block Revive properly now even if the target is killed by Warmaster/Giant Slayer damage

Update 1.9

July 15, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.9 is live now! While the immediate changes you will see are few, there are a number of features that will become available before 1.10. See the notes below to learn about them - and some of the things we’ve been working on in the meanwhile.

26923 .jpg

New Features:

Tournament Tournaments return to Teleria. Not one, but two are planned to be released in the coming weeks. These will not be the same as the original Tournament you’ve seen, however. Keep an eye on the in-game news and announcements. In due time, more information will be revealed! Champion Fusion

Ever since Fusion was released, the Community’s request was clear - temporary events may be good and well, but additional Champions that will remain a permanent option are sorely needed. That was always the plan, but now is the time to make the first step. So, before Update 1.10 is released, an Epic Champion will be added to Fusion. New Champions

Another Champion pack is being prepared. They will be joining the forces of Teleria before 1.10 hits as well, and a separate Spotlight will be released to herald their arrival.

  • Fixed the bug causing a temporary loss of Gems when entering the Market
  • Fixed the bug causing a loading “spinner” to appear whenever an Artifact upgrade is attempted
  • Artifact Challenges that were changed in 1.8 but remained bugged are now fixed
  • Multi-Battle bug causing an incorrect reward window to appear has been fixed as well

Things To Come Road Map For Upcoming Features

Update 1.9 is a small one, but it is not so because work has been halted or delayed. Numerous features - some major, some smaller - are nearing the end of their development, and many more are in the pipeline. To give our players a better understanding of what we are planning to release and in approximately what order, we are creating a Developer Road Map. It will be posted in all our communities, so be certain to keep an eye out. Champion Balance

As I relayed many times, Champion Balance is an important article of our Update plans. Though we were unable to go through with it as often as we wanted for a while, we are picking up the pace now. Update 1.10 will see over 10 Champions rebalanced, several long-requested Legendaries among them.

Update 1.8

July 4, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.8 is live now! We are happy to announce several long-awaited features, such as Rank 6 and Legendary Artifacts, new Dungeon Levels, and Multi-Battle! Take a look at what we have in store:

New Features:
26516 .jpg


Tired of manually tapping the Replay button every time your Champions clear a Campaign Stage when you are farming? Then this feature is for you. With Multi-Battle, you can run up to 15 Campaign Battles (40 for players with a Raid Pass) on Auto and not bother with handling rewards and replays.

You can change the following options before Multi-Battle begins:

  • Whether or not the Battles should continue when all Champions hit Max Level (this is perfect for leveling “food”)
  • Whether or not the Battles should continue if your Champions lose and fail to complete the Stage (in order to prevent energy and Multi-Battle attempts being wasted)
  • Whether or not Energy should be restored automatically if it runs out (automatically buys an Energy Refill with Gems - take note)
  • The Ranks of Artifacts and Accessories that are to be automatically sold at the end of the Battle
  • Champion Queue - this allows the game to automatically replace a Champion that hits Max Level with another Champion from the Queue
  • Number of Battles - how many Battles should be run

Legendary and Rank 6 Artifacts. New Dungeon Levels

At last, the most powerful Artifacts of Teleria have been uncovered. But gaining them shall not be easy, for these can only be found in the most dangerous Dungeons. Brave the new Stages, defeat powerful Bosses, and gain rewards worthy of true Champions. With these items of power, nothing will stand in your way.

All Artifact and Accessory Dungeons now have 5 additional Stages. These include:

  • Ice Golem’s Peak
  • Dragon’s Lair
  • Fire Knight’s Castle
  • Spider’s Den

New Daily Login Rewards

A new 90-Day Login Rewards program will fully replace the current one for players who join Raid after Update 1.8. Our veteran players will receive it as well, though they will start off from Day 30.

This program will feature varying rewards, starting with Energy and Silver, and ending with brand new Epic Champions.


The Tavern in your Bastion has been serving XP brews for a while, and now food is on the menu as well. Chicken comes in the following Ranks: 2, 3, 4, and 5. It can be used to upgrade a Champion’s Rank in the same way other Champions are used now and will be available as a reward for Events, Tournaments, or as part of special offers.



  • Pain Keeper’s Skills have been changed:
  • Unflagging Advance now fills her Turn Meter by 10%
  • Spectacular Sweep heals her allies for 15% of this Champion's MAX HP


  • Various Champions can be added to Dungeon rewards during Events
  • Hostile Champions in all Dungeons, including Boss “ads” - the minion NPCs that some Bosses have with them - now have Accuracy and Resistance Stats
  • Klyssus’ minion on the left (Ice Golem’s Peak) now applies a 100% Heal Reduction debuff that can activate on Weak Hits


  • Artifact Challenges 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.4, and 10.5 have been adjusted:
  • Clear Stage 4 of the Sewers of Arnok to win 2* or higher Gauntlets with ATK primary bonus
  • Clear Stage 5 of the Sewers of Arnok to win 2* or higher Chestplate with ATK primary bonus
  • Clear Stage 6 of the Sewers of Arnok to win 2* or higher Boots with ATK% primary bonus
  • Equip an ATK type Champion with 2* or higher Gauntlets, Chestplate and Boots with ATK% primary stat
  • Equip an ATK type Champion with a 5* Retaliation Set

New Champions (Available via the Daily Login)

High Khatun26517 .png

In ages past, human nomads claimed the lands that spread from the dark groves of the Durham Forest to the plains of Tilshire. Fiercely independent and fiery-tempered, these tribes remained fragmented and mired in infighting for most of their history. Yet, sometimes, a great leader would arise and unite the “horse lords” - as the High Elves would mockingly call their neighbors - under a single banner. Devastating wars of conquest always followed, slowly chipping away at the Elven realm. It was not until the young Kingdom of Kaerok struck an alliance with Aravia that these barbarians were finally defeated and driven into the scorching sands of the Krokhan Desert where they dwell to this day.

Though no longer a mighty nation that they were at the height of their power, the scattered tribes are still a force to be reconned with - and a source of highly-prized mercenaries for Nobles across Teleria. To this day, they cling to their tradition. Tribe chieftains are respectfully referred to as Khan or Khatun, and they are the most successful warriors that tribe has to offer. And the few individuals both fierce and cunning enough to gain control over several tribes? Well, those are bound to be extremely proficient leaders and warlords, whose ability to command free-spirited barbarians and direct them is going to be a useful boon to any force of Champions.

Yaga the Insatiable 26518 .png

Once a respected shaman and protector of his people, Yaga was known far and wide among the Skinwalker tribes. He was said to be able to decipher any dream, cure any ailment, appease any spirit. Yet such power came at a price. Deeper and deeper into the realm of the unnatural he delved, and darker the entities he dealt with did become. Slowly, Yaga’s heart turned black, his thirst for ancient knowledge corrupting him until the light of Lumaya within was all but extinguished.

But one does not deal with demons without consequences. For his pride, a powerful Baron of Siroth’s legions cursed Yaga with an illness not even the most knowledgeable of Skinwalker shamans could defeat. And when Yaga was left weak and desperate, the demon appeared to him with an offer - immortality in exchange for his soul. Yaga accepted without hesitation, and in a split of a second, his body was transformed. The rot that was slowly killing him did not vanish, yet it no longer spread. Yaga’s plague-infested body strengthened beyond what he thought possible - he was no longer mortal in the full sense of the word.

But the price was terrifying indeed. For his salvation, Yaga was bound to Sirtoh’s will, made to serve the Dark Lord’s horrific designs as a herald of pestilence. Wherever he treads, death and grief follow. His weapon is cursed with plague runes, his very gaze brings corruption. Only the purest can hope to beat such a foe - and only the strongest-willed can hope to shackle Yaga’s Shard and bring his rampage under control.

Dark Athel 26519 .png

When a Champion dies, his or her soul remains bound to the Shard. Never allowed to fade or pass forth into other planes of existence, it slumbers peacefully until the time comes and Teleria requires their strength once more. But the realm of the dead is not without its own dangers.

With the help of his mortal minions, Siroth brought his newest pawn into the world, armed her with profane weapons and armour, and set her out on the path of destruction. It is nigh inevitable Dark Athel shall one day clash in battle with her hated "sister".

With Siroth's power on the rise and the Shadow slowly creeping in to consume all, not even the souls of the just and the pious are safe. Reviving Athel after she and others in the party have fallen to Hellrazor's flames was no easy task. Eager to gain a powerful servant, Siroth was swift to try and corrupt the noble paladin's heart. The Arbiter intervened and, with Athel's own spirit resisting desperately, managed to purge the Shadow in a short but gruelling battle of wills.

Alas, their victory was far from total. Athel was brought back as pure and determined as ever, a fraction of her essense was lost to the Shadow. From it, a dark and twisted reflection was formed. Though similar in appearance and skill, this doppelganger craves nothing less than the complete destruction of her original self and everything she stands for.

  • New time-limited Fusion event is available, check out the news for more information (keep an eye on the in-game News)
  • Weekly Quests now refresh as soon as they were completed and are no longer tied to a time limit
  • Update rewards. All players who go through a game update are going to get a small reward
  • Fixed an issue that allowed Robar to incorrectly gain an Extra Turn if the Stun debuff was applied on a Counterattack or by the Stun Artifact Set
  • Fixed multiple issues causing the game to crash during the intro or freeze up when loading a Stage
  • Fixed a bug causing Pain Keeper’s Skill [Combat Tactics] to affect her Cooldowns as well as those of her allies
  • Fixed a bug causing the Retribution Mastery to only activate once per Turn per Team, no matter how many Champions had this Mastery
  • Fixed a bug causing a blank Arena Opponents List after a refresh
  • Fixed a bug causing Taurus to apply a Poison debuff to himself if equipped with a Toxic Artifact Set. The poor fool has suffered enough as it is
  • Numerous minor fixes

Update 1.7

May 7, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.7 is live now! This time, we shifted our focus to some significant Balance adjustments and changes as we prepare for bigger features to be released. However, there are several new additions as well. Let’s take a closer look at what we have in store:

New Features:

Referral Program

Invite your friends to check out Raid: Shadow Legends and gain rewards for their progress. As of Update 1.7, you will be able to refer your friends to the game, and the first 3 will take up special Referred Friend spots on your account. They can be viewed in the Referral Tab of your Bastion and, as these Friends gain progress through the game and gain Account Levels, you will be rewarded. You can collect these rewards in the same tab.

If your Friend stops playing the game, it will not block you from receiving the rewards either. They can be removed from the Referred Friends list and a new Friend invited in their stead. However, you can only collect rewards once per slot. Example: if you invite Friend A and they reach level 30, but then stop playing and are replaced, you will not get rewards for Friend B (who’s taken Friend A’s place) reaching Levels 10 and 20.

Progress Missions

Parts 3 and 4 of the Progress Missions are now available. Face down mighty challenges, complete the missions, and claim unprecedented rewards such Legendary Skill Tomes and a Legendary Champion - the Arbiter herself!



Up until now, we have been monitoring Masteries, the way they are used by our players and how Champions with certain set-ups perform. Based on this data, we can start making Balance tweaks to individual Masteries to make the overall experience better. And as upgrading Masteries takes time and effort, we are going to give everyone an opportunity to reset their Champions’ Masteries for free.

Note: This only applies to players who started Raid prior to 1.7 going live. This does not give an extra free reset - if your Champion’s Masteries have never been reset before, you can only reset them for free once.

For the Masteries themselves:

Offense Tree

24871 .png

Defense Tree

24858 .png

Support Tree

24859 .png


24860 .png
24863 .png
24864 .png
24865 .png

  • Maximum number of Clan Boss Keys a player can hold at the same time has been increased to 2
  • Clan Boss HP decreased by 40% for Easy and Normal Difficulties
  • Clan Boss Chests now drop a single stack of Potions - meaning that only one Reward slot can be taken up by Potions rather than several as it sometimes happened prior to 1.7
  • Champion Vault slots can be increased up to 200 now
  • Divine Scrolls Drop increased in the Minotaur’s Labyrinth
  • Unkillable, Block Damage, Revive On Death, Stun, Sleep, Freeze, Provoke are no longer affected by Increase Buff/Debuff Duration effects
  • Damage caused by the Reflect Damage buff now ignores DEF
  • Numerous Champions had their Base or Ascended Stats very mildly adjusted
  • Victories in Gold I Tier now grant 2 Gold Medals instead of 1
  • All Bosses now have increased Debuff Accuracy and Debuff Resistance
  • All Affinity Keeps will be available to new players for 7 days after the account has been created. After that, Affinity Keeps will be available as per the normal schedule
  • Counterattack is no longer triggered by reflected damage
  • Fixed the issue that caused certain status effects (buffs and debuffs) to affect the damage dealt by HP Burn and Poison
  • Increase Champion's Level in the Tavern 3 times Daily Mission had a bug that allowed it to be closed by increasing a Champion's level in Battles, it was fixed
  • HP Burn and Poison damage are no longer affected by the Weaken debuff.
  • Numerous minor bugs fixed

New Champions


Arbiter 24877 .png

The Goddess of Light Lumaya has many servants, but none as powerful as the Arbiter. Created from the fabric of Light itself many millennia ago, she was to be the extension of Lumaya's will, her herald, and the protector of Teleria. That is a duty the Arbiter upheld with unflinching determination, for the Shadow is as relentless as it is insidious. Indeed, though she is a mighty warrior in her own right, the Arbiter's own strength alone would not enough to win the day. As civilizations rose and fell, her solemn task remained unchanged - finding heroes worthy to lead this world's greatest Champions into battle. Countless generations of warriors rose to the Arbiter's call, and by their sacrifice Siroth was held at bay.

But now Teleria faces its greatest challenge yet. The Arbiter's power wanes and all hope seems lost. In this final moment, a sacrifice was made - the last of Lumaya's divine gift expended to summon forth a single Champion to lead the people of Teleria to victory over the forces of darkness. Though mortal now, the Arbiter yet retains considerable magical ability and skill, as well as the wealth of experience no other warrior can boast. She is still capable of guiding Champions to fulfill their destinies and shall serve Lumaya until her dying breath.

Update 1.6

April 11, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.6 is live now! This time we’ve focused on fixing existing issues and making a few QoL improvements to prepare for bigger features down the line. However! There is one major feature that all of you can partake in - Player Tournaments. Check out the notes below for more information!

New Features:
24044 .jpg


Tournaments are a new feature that allows players to compete with one another for fame and glory. And awesome prizes, of course! Some Tournaments will resemble Events in their mechanics and requirements, others will be completely unique. Others might have more than one challenge for players to beat!

Note: the first tournament that will be launched is meant to fully test the feature on live servers, it will only be available for new players. A global tournament will be launched once we’ve gathered and analyzed enough data to make sure it runs as smoothly as possible.

All players will be able to take part after they have completed Stage 7 of Kaerok Castle. However, as the level disparity and basic capabilities between a fresh player and a veteran who’s been in the game for many months cannot be understated, we are going to introduce so-called Tournament Groups.

Tournament Groups are groups of 50 players each, broken down by level - each Tournament Group encompasses 5 Account Levels.


Each Tournament will have a Leaderboard, which will be updated dynamically while the Tournament is active. After its end, the Leaderboards will remain available to be viewed for a limited time. Typically, the Leaderboard will only encompass the player’s Tournament Group. Some Tournaments, however, will have a separate Global Leaderboard as well.

Note: If two players earned the exact same number of Tournament Points, the player who earned them earlier will take precedence on the Leaderboard.


All participating players will be able to receive rewards for reaching set Milestones during the Tournament. Apart from that, players who reach the top of their Tournament Group Leaderboard will receive additional rewards. And players who reach the top of the Global Leaderboard will be able to claim very special prizes.

  • Game Guides are now available in all languages present in the game and will be shown in accordance with the chosen game language.
  • Arena Rating Period will now end on Monday, 8:00 UTC - this is done due to technical reasons
  • Steal Buff and Transfer Debuff effects have been enabled once again
  • Multiple issues causing the game to crash on certain devices have been fixed
  • Multiple UI issues have been fixed
  • Multiple localization issues fixed
  • Fixed a bug with Bad-el-Kazar's Passive Skill Prey Upon. It increased damage all allies inflicted by 15% per each ally, amounting to up to 75% damage increase instead of the intended 15%


Due to the long-running issue with Steal Buff and Transfer Debuff effects, all players will receive the following compensation:

  • 250 Energy
  • 1-Day +100% XP Boost
  • 2 Clan Boss Keys

Update 04.03.2019

March 3, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

We have applied a mini-patch today, the following changes took place:

22863 .jpg

Update 1.5

February 25,2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.5 is live now! This is another update that is focused on QoL improvements, but we have also rolled out a number of adjustments to Champion and Artifact balance. Let's take a closer look at these changes:

New Features:
22592 .jpg

Global Events

Special time-limited events have been introduced to the game! The tasks for each event will be outlined, players need only follow the guidelines and complete the required challenges in order to gain points and rewards.

Clan Chat

Clans need to rely on external messengers no longer! As of Update 1.5, all members of the Clan will have access to a special chat that only they can see. There, secrets can be shared, strategies discussed, and plans drawn.

  • Enemies in a number of Campaign Stages have been adjusted. Some gained Levels, others lost Rank.


22593 .png
22594 .png


22606 .png

Please note that Artifact distribution between Dungeons has been slightly adjusted. New table:

22600 .png

  • Fixed issues with battle slowdown with certain Masteries.
  • Fixed bugs with Playtime Rewards not tracking correctly.
  • Fixed issues preventing Arena Medal conversion at the Great Hall from working correctly.
  • Fixed bugs with Clan Boss Skills working incorrectly.
  • Fixed various issues with Clan Activity Rewards.
  • Fixed issues with Champion stats not displaying correctly after upgrading Artifacts.
  • Fixed bugs that occurred when loading Battles.
  • Various optimizations.

Current Known Issues

Bad-el-Kazar Passive Skill Prey Upon is inflicting less incorrect damage (less than it is meant to) due to a bug. It will be fixed in the near future.

Hotfix 14.02.2019

February 14, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

We have applied a quick hotfix today, fixing the issue with Progress Mission that required Bronze or Silver Medals to be gained specifically for the mission to be completed. The bug has been fixed and Medals of higher Arena Tiers now count towards these Missions appropriately. We have also adjusted the descriptions to avoid confusion. Please note that Medals are not converted as they are in the Great Hall, but are rather counted according to 1:1 logic.

22277 .jpg

Update 1.2

February 7, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.2 is live now! It brings a number of smaller features and changes that are meant to improve player quality of life, as well as several useful bugfixes. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what we have in store!

22024 .jpg

New Features:

Progress Missions

Progress Missions are a new type of quests that are designed to help players advance through the game efficiently. They become available to all players from Level 1 and do not have a time limit to complete like Daily or Weekly Quests, nor are they mandatory. They are, however, separated into Parts. The first Part is only available up until the Storyline Campaign is finished on Normal Difficulty. If Brimstone Path Stage 7 is completed before Part 1 of the Progress Missions is, that Part will be immediately locked out and all remaining Missions will become unavailable. The player will receive the reward for completing Part 1 as a whole - but not the rewards for any remaining individual Progress Missions.

Part 2 becomes available after the Campaign completion and currently has no lockout milestone like Part 1. We will be adding more Progress Missions in the future updates, and any changes that might affect Part 2 in this regard will be announced in the patch notes.


Due to the introduction of Progress Missions, rewards for Challenges and completing Campaign Stages for the first time have been adjusted. These changes should not affect existing players for the most part.

As we have noted before, most Achievements have been removed from the game. We feel they do not fit the original plan we had for this feature, nor do they feel like an actual achievement for our players due to a variety of reasons. Thus they will require further work if we are to re-introduce this feature in the future.

  • Champion Drop Chance now displayed in the Info tab of the Portal
  • Clans will be Open to joining by default when created, this can be changed immediately by the Clan Leader  
  • Numerous improvements to the Clan Interface
  • Champion Ratings adjusted: Players can no longer rate Common and Uncommon Champions until they have reached Rank 4 with those Champions, and Epic Champions until they have reached Rank 5
  • Chat room size increased to 500 players, up from 300
  • Accessories can be sorted by tapping the “New” button in the Inventory as well as Artifacts now
  • Numerous bugs fixed

Update 1.1

January 21, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Update 1.1 is live now, bringing about a number of small changes and fixes:

Update 1.0.0

January 8, 2019 Forum Post


Greetings from Plarium!

Our first major update of 2019 is now live, and we are excited to share the details with our Community. Check out a comprehensive list of changes below:

20600 .jpg

New Features:

Champion Vault

The Champion Vault allows players to store Champions that they don’t plan to level up or upgrade just yet, but don’t want to sacrifice either. You can read more about this feature in the Champion Vault Guide.

20598 .png


Fusion is a feature that allows players to summon one new Champion via fusing of several specific Champions (the exact requirements depend on what Champion you wish to summon). You can read more about Champion Fusion in our guide.

20599 .png


Arena Gold Tier has been unlocked! Now the best of the best can battle for Gold medals, allowing them to upgrade their Great Hall even faster than before.

Furthermore, Arena rewards have been changed. Instead of Gems, players will now get Arena Chests. These will provide a randomized reward, including Gems and Artifacts from the four brand new Sets. These Sets provide powerful Set bonuses and are only available as a reward from the Arena Chests:

Divine Offense. 2 Set: Self Shield 15% of the Max HP for 3 turns. ATK +15% Divine Critical Rate. 2 Set: Self Shield 15% of the Max HP for 3 turns. C.RATE +12% Divine Life. 2 Set: Self Shield 15% of the Max HP for 3 turns. HP +15% Divine Speed. 2 Set: Self Shield 15% of the Max HP for 3 turns. SPD +12%

Summon 10 Champions

From now on, players that have 10 Mystery or Ancient Shards in their Portal will be able to perform a mass Summon from those Shards. Note that 10 free Slots in the Tavern will need to be available for a successful Summon.

Battle Suggestions

If a player has been defeated in the battle, the game will display suggestions on how they can improve their Champions. These suggestions are focused on the Artifacts that their Champions have equipped and can be divided into two types:

  • Suggestions to equip a certain Champion with a certain set of Artifacts
  • Suggestions to upgrade current Artifacts
  • New languages are added to the game (German, Italian, Spanish, and Chinese (Traditional and Simplified))
  • The Loyalty Program for new players has been adjusted, and a new Champion will be provided on the 7th day
  • All new Artifacts now can be viewed separately by tapping the “New” button in the Artifacts menu  
  • Stat bonuses granted by Masteries are now properly displayed in the Champion Collection menu
  • From now on, replacing one Artifact with another will invoke the same cost in Silver as removing it to the Artifact Storage would
  • Game notifications have been divided into three main types: Resources, Rewards, Events. Players can choose which of these they want to see
  • Game notifications have been redesigned, and players will have an option to either launch the game or delete the notification from their lock screen.
  • Progression Rewards have been adjusted slightly - no changes to the rewards themselves, but Epic and Rare Skill Tomes have swapped places on two occasions (Levels 10-20 and 35-40 respectively)
  • Free Daily and Weekly Shards will be added to the Portal directly, players no longer have to go and collect them from the Shop
  • News will no longer direct players of insufficient players to features that they cannot access yet
  • Multiple localization issues fixed
  • A number of UI improvements have been made
  • Fixed an issue causing the damage of Lightsworn's Teardown Skill to be multiplied incorrectly
  • Fixed the issue that caused the game to crash on Meizu M3 Note
  • Fixed the issue causing a forced re-login and loss of resources such as Energy when the player is experiencing minor connection issues
  • Fixed multiple minor bugs

Hotfix 09.01.2019

January 1, 2019 Forum Post


A quick hotfix has been applied today, and the following changes were implemented: