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The following updates are for Raid Shadow Legends Current Version: 4.50:

Version 4.50 Updates
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Update 4.20

May 6, 2021 Forum Post


This update includes a big batch of new content to play through, along with some changes to existing features and some Champion balance changes. Here’s everything you need to know:

New Features:

183 New Progress Missions

Split across 3 new Parts, these 183 Missions will test your Champions across many areas of the game - including the Clan Boss, the Doom Tower, Tag Arena, and the Campaign - as well as giving you even more reason to craft Artifacts at the Forge. If you manage to complete every Mission, you’ll also get an exclusive Legendary Void Champion that can’t be acquired any other way - Ramantu Drakesblood.

Ramantu Drakesblood Rarity: Legendary

Type: ATK

Affinity: Void

Faction: Lizardmen

Ramantu Drakesblood also brings an all-new debuff - [Block Passive Skills] - that prevents Passive skills from working, which is sure to throw a wrench in the works of many common Raid teams.

Aura - Increases Ally Accuracy in all Battles by 60

We’ve also renamed the existing [Block Cooldown Skills] debuff to [Block Active Skills].

[Block Passive Skills] debuff was also added to the list of debuffs in the following Boss Passive Skills - meaning many Bosses will already be immune to this debuff:

Almighty Immunity - for most Bosses. Invincible Scales - for the Magma Dragon.

Otherworldly - for the Eternal Dragon.

New Dungeon Stages

We’ve added 5 tough new Stages to every Artifact Dungeon and Potion Keep except the Minotaur's Labyrinth. The Bosses on these Stages have been given additional Passive Skills: Almighty Strength and Almighty Persistence. These higher Stages will provide a tough challenge to overcome for those of you that have already conquered the Dungeons, but the rewards will be well worth it. We're excited to see all the new strategies that will be discovered along the way.


Champion Al fixes

  • Siphi the Lost Bride will now use the Whirlwind Romance skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Tyrant Ixlimor will now use the Hellfire Torrent skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Shatterbones will now use the Hail skill in the Fire Knight’s Castle.
  • Scyl of the Drakes will now use the Wingbeat Flurry skill when it’s not on cooldown and there are 2 or more enemies alive.
  • War Mother will use the Mother's Touch skill on Bosses if they are under Bomb debuffs.
  • Mountain King will now use the Regal Force skill if there are targets under Block Damage buffs.
  • Warlord will no longer use the Orcish Rituals skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Robar can now use the Wild Swing skill even if only one target is alive.
  • Tayrel will now use the Humble skill if the Fire Knight’s shield hasn’t yet been broken, but will no longer use the Preemptive Strike skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Elenaril will no longer use the Combust skill if there are no targets under Poison debuffs.
  • Zavia will no longer use the Deadly Catalyst skill if there are no targets under Poison debuffs.
  • Maneater will now use the Syphon skill on Skavag in the Spider’s Den.

Void Champions rebalance We’ve also made changes to some of the Void Champions. Here’s everything you need to know:


- Base stats changed: Base SPD increased to 97 (was 87); Base DEF increased to 1,421 (was 1,255); Base ATK decreased to 848 (was 1,013).

[Skill 2 - Wave of Despair]

- Damage multiplier decreased.

[Skill 3 - Reign of Terror]

- Damage multiplier decreased.

Visix the Unbowed

[Skill 1 - Flanged Mace]

- Effect changed: now each hit has an 80% chance of decreasing the Target's Turn Meter by 15% (was 10%).

[Skill 2 - Sinister Allies]

- Effect changed: now places a 50% [Ally Protection] buff on all allies for 2 turns (was a [Shield] buff on Visix equal to 20% MAX HP).

[Skill 3 - Single Combat]

- Skill changed: now attacks all enemies instead of one and places a [Provoke] debuff on them for 1 turn; also now places a [Shield] buff on Visix equal to 20% MAX HP (was a 50% [Ally Protection] buff on all allies for 2 turns).

Wurlim Frostking

- Aura Skill changed: now increases Ally DEF in the Doom Tower by 40% (was in the Arena by 30%).

[Skill 1 - Winds of Winter]

- Skill changed: now places the [Perfect Veil] buff for 2 turns instead of 1 if the [Freeze] debuff is placed by this skill; also now places a [Veil] buff on the ally with the lowest HP for 1 turn if the [Freeze] debuff is not placed.

[Skill 2 - Frostbite Blast]

- Effect added: now also has a 70% chance of placing a 50% [Decrease ACC] debuff for 2 turns; in addition, the debuffs placed by this skill cannot be resisted.

[Skill 3 - Icegrave Armor]

- Cooldown decreased from 6 to 5 turns.

Baerdal Fellhammer

- Base stats changed: Base DEF increased to 826 (was 683); Base HP decreased to 16,185 (was 18,330).

[Skill 1 - Ensorcelled Axe]

- Damage and chance increases from Skill upgrades changed from 5% to 10%.

[Skill 2 - Fey Protection]

- Effect added: now, if an enemy is under a [Heal Reduction] debuff, also has a 75% chance of placing a 60% [Decrease DEF] debuff on them for 2 turns.


- Aura changed: now increases Ally DEF in Faction Wars by 33% (was in the Arena).

[Skill 1 - Ice Blast]

- Chance increased: now has a 35% chance of placing a [Freeze] debuff for 1 turn (was 25%).

[Skill 2 - Gift]

- Effect added to the ascended version: now also fills the Turn Meters of all allies by 15%.

[Skill 3 - Resurrect]

- Cooldown decreased from 7 to 6 turns.


[Skill 1 - High Stance]

- Effect added to the ascended version: now, if the first hit is critical and the target is under a [Weaken] debuff, puts one of the target’s Skills on full cooldown. If the first hit is critical and the target is not under a [Weaken] debuff, increases the cooldown of a random skill on the target by 2 turns.

[Skill 2 - Pincer Attack]

- Chance increased: now each hit has a 75% chance of placing a 25% [Weaken] debuff for 2 turns (was 50%).

[Skill 3 - Capture]

- Cooldown decreased from 5 to 4 turns.


[Skill 3 - Blade Surge]

- Chance increased: now each hit has a 75% chance of placing a 5% [Poison] debuff for 2 turns (was 50%).

Suwai Firstborn

[Skill 2 - Utter Rampage]

- Skill changed.

Old version: Attacks 1 enemy. Attacks all enemies with a second hit if this attack is critical. This hit deals 80% of the damage inflicted from the first hit. This attack will always be a normal hit.

New version: Attacks all enemies. Has a 75% chance of placing a 50% [Decrease ATK] for 2 turns.

- Damage decreased.

- Added Buff/Debuff Chance increases to the Skill upgrades (up to +25% from Levels 4 and 5); damage increase changed per Level, but the total remains the same (+10% per Level, from Levels 2 and 3, not 5% per Level from Levels 2-5).

[Skill 3 - Deaden Reactions]

- Cooldown decreased from 5 to 4 turns.

Towering Titan

[Skill 1 - Shieldsplitter]

- Damage now depends on HP (was ATK).

[Skill 2 - Flailing Assault]

- Effect added: now the first hit has a 100% chance of placing a [Provoke] debuff for 1 turn, and all remaining hits have a 50% chance of placing a [Provoke] debuff for 1 turn. - Damage now depends on HP (was ATK).

[Skill 3 - Bullish Vitality]

- Duration of effect changed: now places a [Shield] buff on all allies for 3 turns instead of 2. - Ascended version changed: now also grants an Extra Turn.


[Skill 2 - Charged Assault]

- Effect changed: the [Increase ATK] buff is now placed for 2 turns instead of 1. Now also places a 30% [Increase C. RATE] buff on Whisper for 2 turns before attacking if the target has higher MAX HP than this Champion.

[Skill 3 - Unyielding Flurry]

- Cooldown decreased from 6 to 5 turns.


Champion and battle fixes

  • Changed the Eternal Dragon’s avatar.
  • Changed Whisper’s avatar.
  • The target indicator will always display while fighting the Boss on Stage 7 of Durham Forest.
  • Fear and True Fear debuffs now will be placed as intended by the Scarab King’s Vile Absorption skill after stealing or removing buffs.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the battle to freeze on Floor 1 of the Doom Tower on Normal difficulty when Taurus was in the battle.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the chance of placing a [Sleep] debuff from Zelotah’s Horrid Dreams skill to be calculated incorrectly.
  • Godseeker Aniri’s Guardian Angel skill now calculates the damage allies will receive correctly if there are [Shield] buffs present to take the damage, and will not activate if the allies would otherwise stay alive.
  • Fixed a bug that caused debuff icons not to be displayed when transferred to Kantra the Cyclone.
  • Fixed a bug that caused debuff and buff icons to be displayed incorrectly when Krisk the Ageless battled against the Scarab King.
  • Fixed a sound effect bug that occurred after replaying Battles in the Spider’s Den.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the [Stun] debuff animation not to be shown when placed by Cillian the Lucky’s Head Ringer skill.
  • Underpriest Brogni’s Redoubt Passive skill will no longer trigger debuffs from equipped Artifact Sets.
  • The Swift Parry Artifact Set will now calculate the damage the wearer will receive correctly if there is a [Shield] buff present to take the damage, and will no longer trigger the [Unkillable] buff if the Champion would stay alive.

Silver Cost Reduction

For a whole month - from May 6 to June 7 - we're halving the amount of Silver it takes to remove or swap Artifacts and Accessories. It's a great time to fine-tune your teams and test out some new gear combos.

Other fixes

  • Scroll now works smoothly in the Tavern and Champion Collection.
  • Messages from Support Agents in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese languages now fully display in the Plarium Support section.
  • All CvC Tournament Rewards will now be collected from the Inbox without errors.
  • That’s everything we’ve got for you! Don’t forget to head on over to our forums to let us know what you think of these changes.

Hotfix 4.10.1

April 8, 2021 Forum Post


Here is what you need to know about this update:


We made several changes to the current Doom Tower rewards on Normal, namely for Floors 100 and 120. From now on, the reward for achieving Stage 120, Normal will include 1 Void Shard instead of Silver Keys. Accordingly, the reward for Stage 100 changes, too: you’ll be getting 2 Ancient Shards and Boss Reward Materials.

Overall, the value of rewards in the Doom Tower 2 is pretty much the same (in some places better, actually) as in Doom Tower 1 - we have just rearranged the list of them a little bit.

  • A visual bug - empty squares instead of status icons over Tormin - that happened in Doom Tower 2 when Tormin revived himself after having been killed by Agreth, has been fixed.
  • Clan Deputies won't see the option to remove members of other Clans anymore while browsing Clans’ rankings. In fact, the "Remove" button has never been active for Deputies - it was a visual bug. Deputies should be able to remove members only from their own Clan.
  • The button “Quick-Join Clan” works properly now even when changing a desired Clan's primary language.
  • Fixed an error "BattleSetupsDoNotMatch" that popped up at the end of the battle in the accounts of some players.
  • Set the correct background in Secret Rooms of the Doom Tower 2 so that they do not look like regular Doom Tower 2 Stages.

That’s it, guys! Thank you for your attention, and have a wonderful day!

Update 4.10

April 1, 2021 Forum Post


This update brings our second Doom Tower Rotation, a bunch of Clan Improvements, and many other bug fixes and changes.


New Doom Tower Rotation

  • This new Rotation will feature the 2 brand-new Bosses: Grythion the Celestial Griffin and Iragoth the Eternal Dragon. It will also feature two Bosses from the first Rotation: the Nether Spider and the Magma Dragon, who will have different Affinities in this Rotation.
  • The new Bosses will also bring exclusive Materials to farm, and two brand new Artifact sets to craft.
  • New Challenge Rules have been added to many of the Secret Rooms in the Tower, along with many changes to the enemy balance on existing Floors.
  • This new Rotation will go live April 6.

Doom Tower Rankings

The Doom Tower Rankings - along with Best Teams - will now be based on the number of Turns it takes you to complete a Floor and climb the Tower. It’s a simple change, but it’s going to make a big difference to your team-building strategy for the Tower, and provide an easy way to compare your efficiency on any Floor against your friends.

New Bosses

Each Boss brings a unique challenge, and will require special strategies to beat.

Grythion the Celestial Griffin revolves around controlling buffs and debuffs, and nullifying any Turn Meter manipulation with his [Fair Wind] Passive skill. He will also get a stack of his own unique buff every turn he gets - [Sky Bond]. This increases the Griffin’s ATK, C. RATE, C. DMG, and SPD. The Griffin will also ignore Shield, Block Damage, and Unkillable buffs once he has 10 or more [Sky Bond] stacks.

Iragoth the Eternal Dragon will fight alongside her minions - the Eternal Guards and an Eternal Priest. This Boss is focused on denying your team the ability to use their Active skills, and punishing them whenever the skills are either on cooldown or otherwise unavailable. The Eternal Dragon also has her own special buff - [Eternal Rage] - that boosts her SPD and causes her to ignore Unkillable, Block Damage, and Shield buffs while also ignoring 50% of the target’s DEF when attacking.

Both of these Bosses will provide a big challenge. But like always, a big challenge means big rewards.

New Materials And Artifact Sets

Fighting the new Doom Tower Bosses will yield exclusive new Materials: Griffin Feathers (from the Celestial Griffin) and Dragon Bones (from the Eternal Dragon). You can then use these Materials to craft two powerful new Artifact sets: the Guardian Set using Griffin Feathers, and the Bloodthirst Set using Dragon Bones.
Guardian Artifact Set. This is a 4-piece set that means the wearer will absorb 10% of all damage dealt to ally Champions. It will also heal the wearer by 10% of their MAX HP every turn. Guardian Artifacts will not affect damage inflicted by [Poison] or [HP Burn] effects or any ally skills that cause damage to the user themselves.
Bloodthirst Artifact Set. This is a 4-piece set that increases the wearer’s C. RATE by 12%, and also heals them by 30% of the damage dealt. Bloodthirst Artifacts will not heal based on damage inflicted from [Poison] or [HP Burn] effects.

We can’t wait to see how you guys put these new Artifact Sets to use!

Clan Improvements

  • Players can now use filters and sorting options to narrow down their search and find the right Clan for them.
  • Filters and sorting options have also been added to the Rankings tab (only available for Clan Members).
  • Players who are not in Clans yet will be able to view the current Rankings.
  • A Quick-Join option has been added for those who want to find a Clan quickly. Just hit Quick-Join to join a random Clan in your language without spending time searching.
  • Clan search now takes Clan Activity over the last 7 days into account when displaying the list of suggested Clans.
  • The more active a Clan is, the higher up it will be shown in the search results. A Clan's position in the list of search results depends on:

1. Clan Leader's last date of activity. 2. The number of Clan Activity Stars per player. 3. Whether a Clan is being Promoted.

  • Clan Promotion. Clan Leaders can now Promote their Clans to boost visibility and help recruit new players. If a Clan Leader promotes a Clan, this Clan will appear higher up in the search results for a limited time. A Clan can only be promoted once a week, for 48 hours. To be promoted, Clans must be at least 7 days old and have 5 or more Members.
  • Clan Leaders can also set the minimum required Total Player Power in their Clan settings, so only players of a certain strength will be able to join or apply.
  • Clan Offers. Everyone in a Clan - except for Clan Leaders - can manage their own applications and invitations in the Clan Offers window. If you've already found your perfect Clan and don't want to receive any more invites to other Clans, simply block all incoming invitations.
  • Clan Leaders and Deputies are able to invite players who are already in another Clan.
  • Clan Members can now receive invitations and apply to Invite-Only Clans while still being a Clan Member of another Clan.
  • Clan Icons in Player Info popups are now tappable.
  • Last login time is now visible to members of other Clans and players who are not in any Clan yet.
  • A “Red dot” indicator will be shown to Deputies and Clan Leaders when there are new Applications.

Champion and Battle Fixes

  • Resistance will now be taken into account when transferring debuffs.
  • MAX HP Decreases are now shown correctly.
  • Elenaril’s Combust skill now deals the correct damage from all [Poison] debuffs on all enemies.
  • The Clan Boss will ignore [Unkillable] buffs as intended, starting from the 50th Turn - even if you have Fahrakin the Fat in your team.
  • Rugnor Goldgleam’s Passive skill, Dire Grudge, decreases the cooldown of his Gleam of Avarice skill correctly when he uses his Gold-Mad Frenzy skill.
  • The Shield Breaker Mastery will no longer increase the damage inflicted on targets under [Shield] buffs by 25% if the skill used successfully ignores the [Shield] buff.
  • Vogoth’s Passive skill, Eerie Presence, doesn’t place a [Leech] debuff if the damage is taken from an ally, such as from Fahrakin the Fat’s Body Block Passive skill.
  • Fixed the interaction between Lyssandra’s Transference skill and Madame Serris’ Witch's Grace Passive skill that caused Lyssandra to transfer a [Fear] debuff when she wasn’t supposed to.
  • A bug that caused the Nether Spider to not repeat her Envenomed Strands skill when under an [Ally Protection] buff has been fixed. It now works as intended.
  • Rotos the Lost Groom’s Spurn Oblivion Passive skill now decreases damage correctly when an enemy dies between the attacks.
  • A visual bug that happened when the Frost Spider’s Frozen Lymph Passive skill triggered multiple times has been fixed.
  • Renegade’s Sacrificial Ritual skill will decrease the cooldown of all ally skills first before damaging her equal to 30% of her MAX HP.
  • [Shield] buff icons now display correctly in battle.
  • Maneater’s Ancient Blood skill now causes him to receive damage equal to 5% MAX HP for each living ally as intended.
  • Jintoro< will now use the Oni's Rage skill on the Clan Boss when it’s not on cooldown.
  • Dungeon Challenge 3.5 now completes as intended when using Grunch Killjoy for its completion.
  • An error that occurred after finishing a battle has been fixed.
Game Experience Enhancements:
  • Player levels are now displayed correctly in the Doom Tower Rankings popup.
  • Champion Tags will no longer disappear from some Champions after battling.
  • When locking Champions that have been chosen to upgrade another Champion’s Level in the Tavern, those newly locked Champions will now be locked correctly and will not appear in the Upgrade slot anymore.
  • A progress bar and completion indicator will be shown in the Secret Room Battle Result window after you’ve summoned the relevant Champion using Fragments.

That’s everything we’ve got for you! Let us know what you think of these changes.

Update 3.40

March 16, 2021 Forum Post


This update brings a new feature - Champion Tags - together with changes to some existing features and a few quality-of-life improvements. Here’s all you need to know about this update:

Champion Tags Champion Tags let you categorize the Champions in your Collection according to how you use them in-game.

To tag a Champion, select one in the Collection, then press the Champion Tags button (indicated by a Star). When you tap the icon, a drop-down menu will appear with a list of all the available tags. There are multiple tags available to choose from:

  • Favorite - For whomever you love the most.
  • Attack, Defense, Support, and Speed Build - To indicate how a Champion has been built if a Champion can be built for different roles.
  • Build I, II and III - Use these however you'd like, but we recommend using them when you have multiple of the same Champion built and you want to indicate the difference in Artifact quality between them.
  • None - When you don't want a Champion to be tagged.

You can only apply one Tag to each Champion. After you Tag a Champion, it will be displayed on their avatar throughout the game: in the Champion Collection; the Champion Vault; the Tavern; and the Champion selection screen before every battle. This makes it much easier to find who you're looking for!

Advanced Quest improvements Added a new Doom Tower-related quest to Advanced Quests and added Silver Doom Tower Keys to the Advanced Quest reward pool.

We also added a new Milestone Reward; now the number of Quests needed to reach the final Milestone has increased, but you’ll also get an extra Reward along the way (a Rank 4 Chicken for completing 80 Advanced Quests!).

However, we have also increased the number of Quests you receive each day. This means that although the number of Quests needed to reach the end has increased, the number of days it takes to get the final reward (a Legendary Skill Tome) remains the same – 25 days assuming you complete all your Quests every day.

These changes will take effect only after you claim the final Milestone Reward on your current Advanced Quests track.

Champion and battle fixes

  • Venus will now use the Blind With Infatuation skill on the Clan Boss when it’s not on cooldown and there are 8 or fewer debuffs applied.
  • Fixed how Champions move when teaming up to attack with allies.
  • Changed Shield buff priority. Now when applying a Shield buff on a Champion who already has a Shield buff, the highest value Shield will be kept (or will override the smaller one). It is no longer decided by the duration of the buffs, but by the size of the Shield.
  • Unkillable buffs will now activate before being removed by Gorgorab’s Misfortune skill.
  • Candraphon now places an extra hit as intended with the Punish Hubris skill if the target is under an Unkillable buff.
  • Points for losing Classic Arena Defense battles are now calculated correctly when fighting the same opponent repeatedly.
  • The Tag Team Arena progress bar now displays correctly after multiple refreshes.
  • New battles now start correctly if the previous battle on Auto was interrupted by an error.
  • All Artifact or Accessory stats are displayed correctly when the Fitting Room mode is enabled.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain players not to receive their Weekly Tag Team Arena rewards.
  • Fixed a visual bug that affected revival animations.
  • Astralon’s and Countess Lix’s revival animations are now displayed correctly without any delay.

Game Experience Enhancements

  • New Avatars: Complete the Doom Tower for the first time on Normal and Hard to get your hands on them.
  • All Clan Boss Rewards are now detailed in "Drop Info".
  • Moderators will now be indicated in the Chat.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Plarium Play to launch incorrectly if the system language was Arabic.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Progress Mission completion to be tracked and displayed incorrectly.
  • Added a pop-up to use any Full Energy items in your Inbox whenever you run out of Energy.
  • The Doom Tower Global Rankings popup will no longer display in the Bastion after every re-login.


Shrouded in mystery, the Shadowkin hail from the furthest reaches of the Eastern Continent, beyond the Brimstone Path. Believed to have been under the brutal heel of the Demonspawn for the last several hundred years, only recently have they cast of Siroth’s yoke and thrown their lot in with the other factions of the world. Fearsome warriors all, their years bent to evil purpose have left a darkness about them. They have much to atone for, and only time will tell if they have truly regained their honor...

Yep, a whole new faction is coming to Teleria! The mysterious Shadowkin are heavily based on Asian mythology and aesthetics, all brought in line with the overall dark fantasy style of Raid: Shadow Legends. We’re planning to expand the faction gradually, with batches of new Champions arriving throughout multiple updates. Worry not, we’re not going to unlock a Shadowkin Crypt in the Faction Wars until later, when there are enough Champions for you to make a solid team.


Update 3.30

February 2,2021 Forum Post


This update brings a new feature - the Fitting Room - together with changes to some existing features and a few quality-of-life improvements. Here’s all you need to know about this update:

New Features:

Fitting Room. The Fitting Room is a special mode that lets you preview how your Artifacts and Accessories will affect your Champions before you commit to equipping them. To find the Fitting Room mode, go to your Artifact Storage, hit Filter, then press the Fitting Room button (the one with the little coat hanger icon!) to enable the mode.

When Fitting Room mode is activated, you’ll be able to see exactly how your Champions’ Stats will be affected by your selection by looking in the bottom-right corner of your screen. Once you’re sure you want to equip your chosen Artifacts or Accessories, just tap Equip and everything you’ve selected will be equipped in one go. As always, swapping Artifacts out if your Champion already has something equipped in that slot takes Silver - so keep an eye on the total cost before you confirm your choice.

Everything else will work the same. You’ll still have access to your Filters, so you’ll still be able to find the gear you’re looking for just as easily - but this should save you a lot of time fine-tuning your builds.


Tag Team Arena Rewards rebalance. We’ve decreased the number of Gold Bars for Weekly Tier Placement in each Tier, but we’ve also increased the number of Gold Bars you get for each win.

We’ve also added a minimum battle limit to be eligible for Weekly Rewards. From now on, you need to fight in at least 10 Tag Team Arena Series each week to be able to get your weekly Tag Arena Rewards after Tier Placement.


Bazaar additions. We’ve added:

  • Charms to all Tiers.
  • Avatars to Bronze and Silver Tiers.
  • Champion Fragments of the two non-fusible Rare Void Champions needed to fuse Broadmaw (Huntress and Bloodhorn) to Bronze Tier.

Champion and battle fixes

  • Champions will no longer move when under Freeze debuffs placed by Tormin the Cold’s Wintry Wind [Passive] skill.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when Belanor activated Zavia's Poison Rain skill if Zavia was under a Block Cooldown Skills debuff.
  • Taurus` Toxic Nova skill (including the Ascended version) now works correctly if Gurptuk Moss-Beard is on the same team.
  • Changed the icons of Faceless’ Lightning and Ice Bolt skills.
  • Ursala the Mourner now correctly revives allies with her Requiem skill.
  • Spiderlings no longer spawn on top of each other in the Spider’s Den.
  • Fixed the Stun debuff animation if it is placed directly after a Sleep debuff is removed.
  • Fixed how Nogdar the Headhunter is displayed in the Collection when viewed from the back.
  • Fixed visual issues that affected Solaris and Purgator in the Collection.
  • Fixed an error that occurred when attempting to Replay a battle on Stage 20 of the Spider’s Den after placing Freeze debuffs on enemies in the previous battle.
  • Clan Boss HP is now calculated correctly if a battle starts before the refresh and finishes after.

We’d also like to clarify the mechanics of Tormin’s Wintry Wind [Passive] skill: if Tormin places his Freeze debuff on a Champion while they are in the process of placing a chain of multiple buffs, any subsequent buffs after the Freeze won’t be placed as the Champion will be frozen.

Game Experience Enhancements:
  • Charm slots in the Forge now show the number of Charms of each type you have available.
  • Other minor Forge UI improvements.
  • Changed the format of the Material tooltips in Crypt Stages.
  • If you have any Classic Arena Tokens in your Inbox as a reward from Quests, you can now use them directly from the Arena interface when you run out of Tokens.
  • Purchased Clan Boss Keys are now added to your Inbox separately. This means you will be able to pick them up one-by-one rather than being forced to collect them all at once.
  • Fixed the display of effect names in the Turkish language.
  • Boss HP bars now correctly show the amount of lost MAX HP when a Champion decreases their MAX HP using Artifacts from the Destroy Set.
  • Fixed minor errors that occurred when selling and upgrading Artifacts.
  • Large numbers of Artifacts or Accessories no longer cause display issues in the Artifact Storage.
  • Added sound effects for destroying Artifacts and Accessories.
  • Added the ability to go back to the Bastion directly from the “battle limit reached” error.

We'll be adding a whole bunch of new Champions in the next couple of days too. Keep an eye out on the News to see when they go live! That’s everything we’ve got for you! Let us know what you think of these changes on our forums.

Update 3.21

Feburary 5, 2021 Forum Post

Update 3.20

Janurary 14, 2021 Forum Post


Hello, everyone!
This time, we’ve focused on making some highly requested improvements to a few existing features. Here’s all you need to know about this update:


Champion and battle fixes

  • The Scarab King’s Vile Absorption skill has a new visualization. He now places one hit for each buff on the target, instead of one single hit.
  • Champions killed by the Magma Dragon’s Overburn skill now die properly instead of remaining standing with an empty HP bar. That was, uh, weird.
  • Fixed some visual bugs for Rhazin Scarhide’s, Longbeard’s and Skullcrusher’s skills in the Doom Tower.
  • Fixed the order of actions in Faceless’ Lightning skill according to the description.
  • Master Butcher’s Heat Exchange passive skill now works correctly with the Robar’s Wild Swing skill.
  • The Evil Eye Mastery now works correctly with Skullcrown’s Wave of Souls skill, decreasing all enemies’ Turn Meters.
  • Candraphon now places an extra hit with his Punish Hubris skill if the target has buffs.
  • Cupidus will now correctly be frozen by Freeze debuffs placed by Tormin the Cold.
  • Prince Kymar now doesn’t remove Unkillable debuffs from Skullcrown before attacking her with the Abyssal Gaze skill.
  • Steelskull now heals allies correctly with the Cleansing Spell skill after removing a Heal Reduction debuff.
  • Fixed the bug that caused dead Spiderlings to show up in the Info popup in battles in the Spider’s Den.
  • Fixed visual bugs with Freeze debuffs and Champions moving around the battlefield.

Game Experience Enhancements

  • Clan Boss battles now don't start in Auto mode.
  • Fixed the bug that showed an empty battle result window if the Doom Tower reset while you were still in a battle in the Tower.
  • The time spent in-game is now displayed correctly in the Clan Activity Quests window.
  • The time left until Tag Team Arena refresh is now displayed correctly after locking and unlocking your device.
  • Refactoring and general optimizations.

That’s everything we’ve got for you! Let us know what you think of these changes on our forums, and keep an eye on the News for more updates soon.

Update 3.10

January 6, 2021 Forum Post


Hello everyone!
Bug fixes and quality of life improvements!
This release is mostly focused on bug fixes and quality of life improvements. Here’s the list of everything:


Game Experience Enhancements

  • All received Artifacts and Accessories are now shown in the Multi-Battle result window even if your Storage is full.
  • Messages from unbanned players will be now displayed correctly in Chat.
  • When fighting against another Lydia, Lydia the Deathsiren will no longer get stuck in endless counterattack cycles.
  • If the target is under a Freeze debuff, the order of hits of Yakarl the Scourge’s third skill Glaciate is now correct.
  • Fixed a bug that caused Progress Missions to disappear under certain circumstances.
  • Bergoth the Malformed’s Canister [P] skill now heals all allies when the Ice Golem attacks with his Frigid Vengeance passive skill.
  • Changed the position of text in Accessory Packs.
  • Now Chests containing Materials will be displayed on the first 4 Bosses on Normal on the Doom Tower Map.
  • Increased the chances of getting Epic Materials from the 20th and 21st Faction Crypt Stages.
  • We now list all eligible Factions in Tournaments with Challenge Rules instead of the Alliance name.
  • Adapted the UI to display correctly on Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 devices.

Champion Al fixes

  • Zavia will no longer use the Deadly Catalyst skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Karam will no longer use the Rot Away skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Elenaril will no longer use the Combust skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Venus will use the Burning Passion skill on the Clan Boss when the Clan Boss is not under a [HP Burn] debuff.
  • Rhazin Scarhide will no longer use the Bog Down skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Nethril will no longer use the Ghastly Horrors and Bat Swarm skills on the Clan Boss.
  • Foli will no longer use the Sealed Fate skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Aothar will no longer use the Brand skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Drexthar Bloodtwin will no longer use the Burning Lash skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Elder Skarg will now use the Hunt the Marked skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Fayne will now use the Flowing Style skill on the Clan Boss.
  • Robar will now use the Merciless Assault skill when it’s not on cooldown and there are 2 or more alive enemies.
  • Crypt-King Graal will no longer use the Elemental Unity skill if the target is not under a [HP Burn] debuff.
  • Increased the priority of Royal Huntsman’s Dead Aim skill when on Auto.
  • Increased the priority of Trunda Giltmallet’s Cloak of Ages skill when on Auto.
  • Increased the priority of Spider’s Glowing Mark skill when on Auto.
  • Increased the priority of Madame Serris’ Midnight Ritual skill when on Auto.
  • Increased the priority of Hakkorhn Smashlord’s Blood Offering skill when on Auto in the Spider’s Den.
  • Coldheart will use the Flurry of Arrows skill if the Fire Knight has his Shield up.

That’s everything we’ve got for you! Let us know what you think of these changes on our forums.